Cross Border collaborates in the food and agribusiness supply chain

  • To go beyond pricing and toward building relationships and partnerships with agricultural growers and agribusinesses,

  • Communicating with growers and agribusinesses in other countries directly, not through a middleman,

  • Maintaining direct relationships with producers and agribusinesses close to the production level,

  • So that we can participate in the lives of our clients directly, seeing where the roadblocks are, and devising solutions for a more sustainable partnership.

Global connectivity has reached a price point where so many more people and businesses in the food and agribusiness supply chain can compete, connect, and collaborate. The world is not only flat, it is getting much flatter faster than ever, which means collaboration can be possible across the supply chain and across borders for more people in more places in more ways, with open economies that are integrated with one another and working together.